Transforming worn out, busy professional fathers into energetic, strong role models without needing the gym or living off salads.
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I am a father of two and a business owner who works over 50 hours a week.

If you can answer ‘yes, me too’  then you know the importance of providing your family with strong financial security.

Most successful men have no problem hitting this goal BUT it is usually at the expense of their weight, stress, energy, and focus and health!

I realized that your healthx~ cannot be in Congruence with your business if your Health and energy are close to bankruptcy!

You cannot be a strong role model for your children if you are overweight and in pain.

I found myself 28 stone and so tired I could not even find the energy at the end of the day to get off the sofa, let alone to date my wife, start a family or even sustain & grow my business.

After years of trial and error, I worked out the formula to transform my health and body once and for all.

I created Unbreakable Clansmen to show you how you can too!

Here you will get a “No Bullshit Advice” approach to getting you to do what you know you need to.

I will show you how you can drop your gut and increase your energy to get your body in congruence with your business WITHOUT having to waste hours in the gym, give up all your favourite treats or live off salads…even if you work over 70 hours a week.

As a busy man, I know the solution to your problem does not rely, on ‘will-power’ and fad diets, but on a systematic and easy approach that is build up over a 90 day period in small increments to get you to your big goal in the easiest, least disruptive way possible.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

“Even though I worked out on my own for several years to gain a level of fitness and stamina, I was also gaining weight at the same time. Working with Adam at 180 Training for a few months sorted that out. His nutritional expertise and unique style at fat burning and muscle building programs has allowed me to drop 42 pounds and given me the building blocks to take my fitness and health to another level”


IT Manager

I can’t recommend highly enough. After several years of inactivity and weight gain I decided it was time to think about improving my fitness and started training (with U.C) . I’ve not only lost the weight I wanted to but also improved my health enough to pass a recruitment fitness test and been successful in gaining a new job!


Government Official

“I was very unhappy with my current weight and lifestyle. After talking to a friend  I decided to Train with Adam at 1-80 Training. He kept me motivated and trying my best, but also knew when to ease off the pedals! I have learned a lot about how to eat well, cope with stress better and maintain my weight! His advice and tips have been really insightful. I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks and it was worth every penny!”


Self Employed Graphic Designer

What is it Costing you?

 In Your Business:

You find your energy levels are so much lower now than in the past and you know it’s because of the weight gain and grind of driving your Business at the cost of your Body! You are starting to run out of steam by 2 pm and your focus and drive are nowhere near where you want them to be. It’s all you can do to just hit the sofa at the end of the day!

Imagine recapturing that energy you used to have! How much more focus and drive would you have in your Business? How much more revenue would that extra focus and drive bring in for your business and family each month?

In your Personal Life:

If you have no energy at work, then your recovery will have to come from your family time. I know you want to be a strong role model for your kids but more and more it is becoming clear that you can’t play with your kids because you just don’t have the stamina and the habits around junk food are starting to rub off on them.

If you can’t play in the garden for 30 mins, what ‘activities’ are being affected with your partner?  Your confidence is at an all-time low and you feel you just not the man you were when you met your partner.

Imagine what it would be like to get the energy levels and body of your 20’s back! How much higher your confidence will be and how that would be reflected in your relationships.

In your Health:

Your Business is only as secure as your health! This goes for your family’s financial security and happiness as well.

Simply put, your health needs to be a priority in your life if you truly want to be in congruence with your business and provide the future for your family you have worked so hard to achieve for years. After all, what is the point in making a great business thrive if you are not around to see the benefits of it!



“I Haven’t Got Enough Time”

Your workouts are tailored to your commitments. We will focus on changing only 1-3 habits a week at a pace that does not put any extra pressure on your work commitments.

No time to waste in the gym? Not an issue. Most of my clients don’t either! We will find the most effective, time-saving ways for you to drop the gut and get in shape without needing to eat out of Tupperware containers or step foot in a gym.

“I Have Never Stuck At A Program”

People come to Unbreakable Clansmen because after hiring a PT or following programs, they did not stick to the workout plans or diet and gained all the weight they lost right back again! Your problem is not a problem willpower alone will solve! It is an implantation & a time problem…this is our area of expertise!

Here you will be held accountable and made to do what you said you would!  I will help change the story you have sold yourself on for years; that you can’t do this, you don’t have time etc. By the end of our time together, you will not only be accountable to yourself, but you will also understand what habits, lifestyle choices and mindset changes need to be adhered to in order to stop you regaining the weight you have lost!

With Unbreakable Clansmen, you will become UNBREAKABLE in your body transformation, your business and in your Life!

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